Through Us

We believe that whenever God gives something to us, He wants to do something through us. All of us have been the recipients of God’s gifts, the gifts of time, the gifts of talents, the gifts of financial resources, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and in October of 2017, we were gifted a property just north of downtown Homestead. And we believe that God has given all of this to us so that He can do something great through us.

Through Us is a 2 year initiative aimed at rallying the church to leverage every gift of God towards the hope of seeing Jesus restore the hearts and lives of the community we love.

We have 3 primary goals in our Through Us initiative:

  1. ESTABLISH a physical display of spiritual restoration – by renovating the sanctuary, creating kids spaces and beautifying the property.
  2. EQUIP more people for the works of ministry – by expanding groups, classes, and training opportunities.
  3. ENGAGE the diverse needs of our community – by our online presence, missional events, and focused local and global missions that take the gospel to the lost, the hurting, and the under resourced of our communities.
As we enter this season in the life of our church, the pastors are asking the Lord to provide 2 things:
  1. that 100% of the people who call our church home would participate and take a step forward to see God work through us.
  2. that together we would all seek and trust the Lord to generously give 1.5 million dollars over the next 2 years.

  1. If we are giving to Through Us, how does this impact my current giving to the church?

    During “Through Us” (November 2018-2020) every gift given to God through the church is a contribution to the Through Us initiative.  Every aspect of our ministry that God has for us over the next 2 years will be funded by Through Us.  There will not be separate funds, but all will go into this one fund.

  2. What are you asking me to do?

    First, we ask that you pray and thank God for His care over your life.  Then ask Him to open your heart to what else he might do through your giving.  If you are not currently serving on a ministry team, we ask that you take a step to start serving.  Then we ask that you look at the financial resources God has entrusted you with and ask God to help you take a next step and make a giving commitment that will increase your trust in Jesus.  Finally, we ask that you mark your calendar for Commitment Sunday, October 14th 2018, as we all present our commitments and ask God to work through us!

  3. Are there other ways to give to Through Us besides cash?

    Ask the Lord to show you if there are other assets you have that perhaps He may lead you to give, perhaps stock, or other items that you can sell and give the proceeds.

  4. How long is my commitment to Through Us?

    Through Us is a 2 year commitment that lasts until November of 2020.

  5. What if I don’t have a job right now?

    If you are without a job and seeking one, please let the pastors and deacons know. Everyone can participate in Through Us.  What are other creative ways you can seek to contribute?  Do you have assets you can sell?  If you are seeking a job, how will you prepare to contribute when God provides that job?

  6. What if I am in a lot of debt right now?

    If you are making progress to pay off your debt, continue to do so!  If you need help regarding your finances, we would be happy to recommend financial coaching or a financial class to better equip you.  Being in debt however does not excuse a person from giving.  Giving is not about what God wants from you, but what He wants for you.  He can still work through your giving as you navigate repaying your debts.  If you need help regarding this, please contact us so we can help.

  7. What if I lose my job or my income goes down during the time of Through Us?

    We recognize that circumstances may change in the next 2 years.  We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but thankfully God is never caught off guard!  He will provide for His people.  In the event of a job loss, please let us know so that we can pray and help in any way possible.  This journey is about people, not money.  Should your income go down during this time, continue to pray and seek the Lord on how He might help you meet your goal, or adjust it if necessary.


Nine years ago, we ended up in Homestead, purely, because God was halting our attempts to run from Him. When we connected with this church, still fresh from past church hurt and skeptical of “the church” in general, we saw it as a place to consume from rather than a family to belong to.

But the Lord was kind to us. He used the leadership here to tirelessly love and disciple us. He used this church to stir our hearts to a new kind of love, to look at our city with eyes anew, to joyfully give all of who we are for our Savior.

As a family, we are awed by how God has chosen to use such broken vessels to do His work. The work He started in us is far from over. With eager hearts we look forward to what He will do through us, for the glory of His name.

Ariel: Six years ago, I completely lacked trust in the church. I knew I needed community and I had a heart to serve the Lord, but the environment of the church I was attending was very rules-based, not at all about grace. So I left. I decided that I would never set foot in a church again.


But God knew I longed to be involved in a ministry where I could serve and grow, where i could love and be loved. A family. And I found that here. God has used this church to help me heal and to experience His love and kindness. how precious and alive the Gospel is! I am free! Free to be who I am in Christ and to boldly proclaim this freedom to help others enjoy that same freedom in Jesus!


Chris: I barely knew who Jesus was six years ago. In fact, I once argued against His existence. But I’m so thankful that He has rescued me from myself and the path I was on. He gave me a passion for the Gospel, and brought me to a church where I could learn, serve, and grow as the man of God He has called me to be. I am a new creation, and I’m grateful for the grace that has saved me. Since Jesus has changed me, I have been given a passion to share the Gospel with others, especially the youth in our city, and I’m excited to see all God will continue to do through us.

This church has been a breath of fresh air for our family! There's just no other way to describe it. After many years of being in other churches and much heartache and pain, God led us here.  It almost felt like we were given the chance to start Christianity again. We've learned the gospel in a way that has transformed our relationship with Jesus from one of fear to one of Love. It has transformed our family and the way we raise our kids. And it has transformed our hearts and the way we serve others!  Being a part of this family has been life changing to say the least and we can't wait to see all that God will continue to do in us and through us.



We are focusing all of our giving over the next 2 years into this one fund.  This fund supports the ongoing ministry of our church and enables us to establish, equip and engage in these new ways going forward.

How To Give:

  • Online. All online giving is safe and secure.  Online giving is available here, to set up recurring gifts please log in to your CCB account and choose the give tab at the top of the screen. If you are unsure what CCB is or if you need an account please visit our online community page.
  • Automatic bill pay*.
  • Cash or check during our offering time at any of our Sunday services.
  • Text to Give:
    Text “Give ‘amount’” to 305-570-4807 and fill out the one time registration.
  • Mail a check made out to Core Community Church to:
    • Core Community Church
      PO Box 901148
      Homestead, FL 33090

*Automatic bill pay may be available through your bank. Make checks payable to Core Community Church and sent to PO Box 901148, Homestead, FL 33090. Please contact your bank if you need additional assistance.

For additional questions regarding giving of stocks, bonds or other assets, please contact Kristine Monsalve.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. - Ephesians 2:10